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Take a seat at our hotel restaurant

Examples from Michl Steiner

For those who are hungry in the evening, we offer in our restaurant some dishes until 7.30 pm. In addition, Michl Steiner cooks a daily changing dish, from meat to fish or vegetarian..... Depending on your mood, you can create your own menu, individually and according to your hunger. Let yourself be surprised!


Examples of restaurant dishes:

Mixed salad / homemade spelt bread / lemon dressing

Lentils / pears / valerian / butter cheese from the Sesto cheese factory

Tyrolean Brettlmarende / Farmer's speck / smoked sausage Kaminwurze / cheeses from the Unter Oltl farm

Soup / vegetables / herb oil / puff pastry stick

Homemade ravioli / local chanterelles / creamed potatoes

Homemade linguine noodles / cherry tomatoes / olive oil / garlic / chili pepper

Easily digestible pinza bread / mozzarella from Sesto / tomato sauce / tuna

 Examples of daily dishes:

Homemade maccheroncini noodles / lamb ragout

Barley / chives from the Sesto mountains / breaded buffalo mozzarella pralines

Homemade rye schlutzkrapfen / cottage cheese / nut butter

Homemade tagliolini noodles / pesto / grated alpine cheese

Salmon trout fillet / celery cream / carrots

Strips of venison fillets / porcini mushrooms / potato rösti

Veal shoulder / mashed potatoes and pears / zucchini


Examples of children's dishes:

ABC Letters / broth

Homemade maccheroncini noodles / olive oil or butter

Homemade maccheroncini noodles / veal bolognese

Homemade egg spätzle / parmesan cheese / olive oil

Milanese pork cutlet / french fries

Meatballs / boiled rice

Fish sticks / zucchini

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