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Fine wines from South Tyrol

Native specialities

Wines from South Tyrol: Complex and Characterised by the Mountains!

 The wine country of Alto Adige is shaped by contrast - and the mountain ranges of the Alps. More than 20 grape varieties grow in Mediterranean valleys and up to an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level at the foot of the Dolomites. 5,000 winegrowers and far more than 200 wineries make sure that this kind of diversity gets bottled.

5000 winegrowers
5600 ha cultivated area
1 ha average area per company
1% of Italy´s winegrowing area
274 wineries
200-1000 elevations (a.s.l.)
64% / 36% production of white wine / red wine
20 different grap varieties
98% share of DOC wines in production

Regionality is very important to us and therefore we only offer South Tyrolean wines!

Prosecco – Spumanti

White wines

Rosé wines

Red wines

Sweet wines

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