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Between giants and dwarfs at the Monte Barnaci

The cable cars in 3 Zinnen Dolomites take you up to the most popular mountains: Monte Elmo, Stiergarten, Croda Rossa and Monte Baranci, all of which offer hikers, bikers and families plenty of exciting attractions. 

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Visiting Olperl at the panoramic Monte Elmo

There’s nowhere else in the area which offers you such a far-ranging view as Monte Elmo! In addition, a special creature is waiting for you there: little Olperl. The entrance to his nature park is right next to the Helmbahnen mountain stations and invites visitors to meet Olperl’s best friends – in the realm of the animals’ mountain world. The circular trail is 1.5 km long and is suitable for buggies. As you walk, you’ll come across 10 special and very exciting places - with fantastic views of the Sesto Dolomites. Olperl, the hoaxster with luminous eyes as big as saucers, keeps you company along the trail.

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In the middle of pastures at the Stiergarten

Normally the great views come only at the end of a tour, but the Stiergarten gives you an early reward with a view of the Sesto Sundial and the Three Peaks. The mountain is a wonderful starting point for lots of hikes and bike tours to the Sesto mountain pastures and over the Carnic Alpine ridgeway.

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Close to the Dolomites at Croda Rossa

The Dolomites are almost close enough to touch from Croda Rossa. This is a location where there were military emplacements in the First World War, and you can immerse yourself in history here, scale the most famous via ferratas in the Alps.

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